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I went to Oscar for a haircut , thinking my hair would be treated beautifully, and I had the worst haircut of my life- from Oscar himself. I had a nice mid length one length haircut it had taken me a year to grow out from a hair disaster, and I was new to nYC, looking for the best stylist I could find- in the past I've gone to all the best salons on the west coast- Lorenzo at Jose Eber always did my hair and ALWAYS made me look beautiful- also Louis Licari, the man, not the salon, etc for color- anyway, Oscar sat me in his chair and was very charming but within about ten minutes of a very hurried haircut (he didn't bother to look at my hair dry either, he cut it straight from my color, and my hair has a pronounced natural wave).
Oscar was very charming and I liked him, and trusted him from his manner and reputation.
I should interject here that I am engaged to be married, and was hoping to look beautiful for the wedding. I didn't find the love of my life till my late 30s , so it's not like I have a lot of time to go out and grow a giant head of hair again and wait five years to be beautiful for my wedding- so, now I get to spend another 5000 or so on extensions, thanks Oscar.
SO anyway, Oscar sat me down and said Ok so we can't do much with your hair as it is not so long (but every inch just past my chin I had waited a year to have! a year of very frustrating, every morning saying look , it's almost even, it's almost even..after a really bad haircut that , looking back, was better than Oscar's!) and without asking anything about my hair texture, or drying it to see the quality and way it moves , etc, he just started ripping into my head with his texturizing shears. he cut and cut , and I sat stunned as almost six inches were cut from the top of my head, and my hair was chopped up all over, and unevenly- I went to three stylists after for an opinion and they all sit aghast at how unevenly cut the hair is.
I also told him I like to part my hair almost in the middle, it suits my face, but I think he knew how uneven he had cut it because at the end he took a comb after looking at it and seeing he did something , and quickly flipped my hair to one side, and said , "Oh I think now you should wear it like this"..
and as he rushed away he handed me his card and said " if you hate me later call me". So I think he knew he had screwed up my hair.
I called the salon and to their credit they issued a refund, but I did not get an apology from Oscar, and I write this because I think he should know what doing this to a woman, esp one just before the biggest day in her life, does to her. I'm not so young anymore that I cry or allow myself to despair because of the haircut, esp in light of what has been happening in the world, but it does make me sad every time I look at myself in the mirror, and I feel robbed. It might be just hair to you, Mr Blandi, but it's something we pride ourselves on, and it took a YEAR OF MY LIFE to grow that hair, so patiently, that you treated like garbage and chucked on the floor.
I asked you to give me something beautiful and instead you gave me an uneven, choppy haircut (like Meg Ryan you said, but I'm not Meg Ryan, I"m a pretty girl who looks best in a soft hairstyle, now I DO look like a soccer mom who was butchered at a bad hair salon.) Please don't do this to any other women, I was feeling beautiful and happy, now I just feel sad, ugly and afraid to see my fiance.

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