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Downtown Plaza Assoc 2

The Downtown Plaza Mall was once a vibrant location, but it has fallen on hard times. It can still boast of having a Macy's, a multiplex cinema, and a few 'trendy' stores, but many storefronts are vacant. From the looks of it, the empty storefronts are going to stay vacant. There is a ghost-town look to the place which doesn't make a person want to spend the afternoon there.

A dozen years ago the Mall was a different place. It was full of merchants, had a lot of customer traffic, and was an interesting place to stroll about. If you live or work near by, the Downtown Plaza Mall may still be a worthwhile visit. After all, gas prices aren't cheap. But if you are looking for a rare gift or something to wow that special person, you may want to do your homework first. The nifty store that you remember was at the Mall may be long gone by the time you come on by.

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