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Forever 21 was founded in 1984 in Los Angeles and now boasts about 150 retail locations.


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I never thought I'd complain about a store with such a nice product for such a low price. Honestly, the product s great. But I always forget how important good customer service is until I walk into a Forever 21 and get a negligent, nasty reminder. All of the associates, (literally, all, in ever georgia location I've visited) are completely oblivious that you may actually be shopping for something until you yell "HEY EXCUSE ME, I'D LIKE A FITTING ROOM" loud enough to interrupt their personal conversations. Even that is tolerable, as I kept going back, but not after today. Today I found a cute white and navy dress I wanted to buy. Waited in line for nearly 20 minutes because apparently the girls at the register knew the customers who were ahead of me, with no apologies from the staff once it was my turn, but that's par for the course for XXI. However when I got to the counter something unheard of happened. The associate scanned my item and looked down at the pos screen, pulled the dress out of my hands and said, "Oh I'm sorry I can't sell this to you." I was befuddled wondering if my card had been rejected, but realized she hadn't even swiped it. I asked "Why?" She said "the computer won't let me, it's the last one, I have to give it back to the company, sorry." So there I stand empty handed waiting to give my business to this company who apparently cannot order another shipment of dresses when a customer needs one???? Granted, it's not the associate's fault if her computer would not let her scan me. But to do NOTHING customer service wise? Not do an item check of local Forever 21's to see if they can order me one, not to go online and locate the dress and ship it to me, maybe even for no shipping charge? A raincheck? I mean the options available in today's retail are limitless. She didn't even ask if there was anything else I might like, she let me walk melancholily right out of the store. Clearly, XXI does not want my business, so try as I may, I will be refusing their product in the future.

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shopdrop commented 185 days ago.
Hi there, I am a sales associate at forever 21..

I think the reason she could not sell the item to you was because it was recalled, not because it was the last item. We sell last items all the time. She must have been mistaken.

Sometimes for specific items, the company sends out recalls which show up on our computer when we try to scan them. When we get that message we have to go pull the item from the racks (if there are any more left) and send the lot back to the company.
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