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Kuntz Tom Attorney 5

How much You value your Freedom !! If you don't, then don't use him, If you do then He is The Atty. You Want !!! Believe me I know from experience !! I have had him for 27yrs. Longer then he has been married !! He has always kept me out of the Slammer !!! He pulls no punches with ya !! He knows how to handle the Court room,& those People in the Black Robes that think you are a Criminal !! Give him a call when you are in need of an Attorney !! Don't be affraid, he understands everybodys situations. There is only one Attorney in my book and that's Mr. Kuntz !!! Tom give him a call. Oh by the way, when you got to his office, Just look at for his Name on the front entry door, don't pay any attention to the other Names !! Tell him I sent ya !! he'll treat ya right !! Call him - 317-634-9800 110 N. Delaware St. He is the best in the State. He has traveled to different Counties for me & represented me !! I hope he doesn't never retire !!!

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