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On two occasions I have been referred to Radz by Samsung for warranty repair. The first time, they flatly refused to honor the warranty until Samsung noted that the repair was approved. I contacted Samsung and asked an agent to make those notes and contacted Radz again. They still refused and said that wasn't good enough. Samsung contacted them directly and they still would not honor their obligations. Finally, Samsung directed me to another agent outside of my designated service area as Radz is the only option otherwise. The second vendor was excellent.

The next repair had them come out and make one attempt and when the problem was still there as they were leaving, they said they would get back with me. They did not, and I had to contact them. They said they didn't think it was a problem despite Samsung's directions and would not be making any other repair efforts. Samsung again sent the claim to the same alternate vendor as before who took care of the issue promptly.

Do not use this establishment. They are slow to respond if they ever do, are rude to the customer and unwilling to provide any measure of sufficient service

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