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Forever 21 was founded in 1984 in Los Angeles and now boasts about 150 retail locations.


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I visited the store in Fair Oaks Mall and was disgusted to see that the female mannequins in the window were posed with aprons, brooms, and mops. I found this to be completely offensive and sexist. There was no explanation for the props considering they were just there to advertise a sale. I cannot believe that this company would support such an outrageously sexist act such as this and I can guarantee you that I am contacting women's rights groups in the area to let them know that this is happening. Needless to say that I will not be shopping at this store any more and giving such an offensive company my money.

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wronggirl commented 238 days ago.
I'm a visual merchandiser at Forever 21. The reason they were dressed that way was to advertise the "clean-up sale" - all clearance items were bogo. Company directive called for signs to be posted by the mannequins, but the store you visited must not have posted them. That's their merchandisers' fault, not the company's. There are a lot of things wrong about the company but I don't think this particular display is sexist at all. You misunderstood and are overreacting a bit. I'm sure - or at least, I hope - that an associate would have explained it, apologized, and posted the appropriate signage asap. I would have.
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