One Second Plumber

reviewed by Ottawa Fornow

This product uses pressurized gas to force the blockage to pass through the drain.

Ottawa Fornow

One Second Plumber 5

After 7+ bottles of Liquid Plumber, commercial (janitorial) liquid drain opener, liquid drain opener (Home Depot) crystal drain opener (also Home Depot), small plunger (actually did have good suction) vinegar and baking soda .... this did the trick. It took about 5 bursts - the package does say stop after three. I was concerned at first that the adapter wouldn't fit the sink, but you don't need to use the adapter. There was a bit of an aerosol smell after. Not unpleasant. Overall, I was very pleased (and relieved). This was a drain from a washing machine (laundry tub), in an older house. Water from upstairs kitchen sink was coming through. We'll see how well this lasts.

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