Blossers Collision Center

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Blossers Collision Center 1

I worked for Beldon Blosser in 1982 and in 1991. The man was the biggest prick I ever encountered, double ticketed his employees and supplied us with substandard equiptment. I heard he lived to be 80? well its like they say, only the good die young. I would refer anyone to Earl Shieb or Maaco before Bozo's Body Shop.

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MANDY01 commented 1459 days ago.
I find this one hard to belive . he sold the shop years and years ago . you might need to check you self and your aged memories or even the years of years past you may have worked there . sorry about the put down but its a fact .

Slidehammer commented 1459 days ago.
You find what hard to believe? What are you like 17 years old? Its obvious you dont know any facts! Sorry bout the put down too.

BUCK587 commented 1271 days ago.
Beldon hasn't owned Blossers for over 20 years.........Check YOUR facts there "slidehammer"
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