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Liquid 5

So, last year was my first year snowboarding and I fell in love. I got my Liquid board from a second hand store for $25. I half expected to be killed .... thinking it was like Lamaar or Morrow ... but worse. And the fact that it was only $25, I was just hoping to make it down the hill alive without the board being broken in half.

Since last year, I've tried high-end boards like Burton, as well as lower Big5 end board like Lamaar and Morrow ... but man, I love my Liquid. And not because I was lucky as hell to get a damn good board for $25. An $18 wax job from a local board store pretty much was all I needed.

The board is very light and flexible. Very easy to control.

Obviously I am no expert at snowboard yet, considering it's only my second year. But I prefer my Liquid over the Burton I've tried, my husband's Lamaar, and my friends' Morrow. I originally saved up $300, hoping to get a good Burton board ... but I ended up saving the money for good boots and bindings instead

I just think the the people at the thrif store didn't know what they've got and how much it's worth. I seriously don't know how much Liquid board normally goes for, but I'm sure it's hell of a lot more than $25 ... lol

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