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Born in Kaiser and been a part of Kaiser almost the rest of my life. Physicians that I have had are great with the exception of one my wife was treated by one year before her fall. This is where the negative story starts. I am writing this now because we just decided to give up righting the wrongs.

My wife fell and was in pain. Made appointment with her physician. Eventually had an xray and a ct scan. The wait caused us to be there after hours to have the results read by a radiologist - fractured pelvis. We got out of there at midnight. Prior to be sent after hours her physician advised us that we would not be charged for admission to ER. Well in a sense she was right...we did not pay going in but they required payment on departure. Denied refund after 5 months of trying to weave through the hazy maze required to report issues.

One more thing, a report indicated my wife was sent a letter advising her that her bone density was low and needed to start on medicine right away to halt the bone loss. Med is waiting in the pharmacy. We receive our messages and prescription info online. Not a word until 12 months later when my wife fell.

Refund denied and advised we are wrong since their records indicate the message was sent out to us. If it was sent out why no follow up, why no record online?


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