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Jons Bridal Wearhouse 4

I had bought my prom dress from Jon's Bridal when they had bridal gowns as well as prom dresses and everyone was in love with my dress, it was beautiful and unique. So when it came down to buying a dress for my upcoming wedding in 2011 I knew I had to stop by Jon's Bridal. They had so many dresses and they aren't american made like other Bridal stores where you can find the same dress at the same local in every city. They have many different styles that come in a few sizes per style if not just one size alone. I loved this because it ensured that I could have a dress that would not be very common. The staff was also very friendly and helpful. To make a long story short I quickly found a stunning dress that makes me feel confident and pretty. I definetly would recommend Jon's Bridal to any bride on the hunt for an amazing dress! :)

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