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I must say that after all the places ive rented from their the worse hands down. First of all if anything breaks(which it will), they will not fix it for months if ever. Also I have a dog which costs an extra $250 in security deposit(ridiculous) and an extra $50 a month. After the lease was up and we moved out, they said there was an extreme dog odor which there wasn't. Everything was hardwood floors then proceeded to say that they had to do some serious carpet cleaning which costed us so much money. We had about a 7 by 7 bedroom that was carpeted and the dog slept in the crate outside the bedroom, but they continued to deny me in giving any of the extra dog security deposit back. Also in the lease they did not specify that all first floor tenants must take out all garbage recepticles(which were 6 not including recycling bins), even after the walk through with the landlord he did not say, but that a tenant next door informed me. Then that tenant proceeded to never take out the garbages again. Seriously if you are considering an apartment or anything from them i wouldn't. Worse realty company ever. Spread the word. I dont want anymore good people to give these horrible landlords any of their hard earned dollars. They've only earned 1 star because i had to give at least a star, but they deserve negative stars if anything. Worst people ever! When you pay rent they should be wearing a ski mask because it is highway robbery!

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