Ann Arbor, MI

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Ann Arbor (114.024) was founded by settlers from numerous Eastern states in 1824. The city was given the name Ann Arbor by John Allen and Elisha Rumsey, both of whose wives were named ...
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Ann Arbor, MI 4

Ok revising and repairing the vagueness of my last review. The university here is pretty spectacular. The different neighborhoods are hard to get to. That is, the spots that interest visitors are hard to find from one to the other. I DO have family here, and things ARE more expensive here than most towns nearby. It's pretty close to Detroit, but I doubt it has been affected much by Detroits slumps. (Don't quote me on that though, remember, just a visitor) They have a confusingly laid out but filled to the brim downtown. There are restaurants in the basement of many downtown establishments, Which is something *I* would only expect from HUGE cites. And again, it takes a while to get anywhere unless you have a native with you.

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