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I have been a patient of Southside OB/GYN for several years, but just recently a patient of Dr Perkins. I am going on 55 years old and was having heavy irregular periods after 3 years of not having any. I already went through menopause so I knew there must be a problem. After meeting with Dr Perkins and consulting with my family physician, I decided to have a Hysterectomy; removing the uterus and ovaries. The procedure was to be performed through my vagina rather then having an incision. The surgery went fantastic and I had an easy recovery period because followed the doctor's instructions of taking my meds, resting, not lifting anything over 10 lbs and not driving for 2 weeks. My experience of having this surgery was nothing at all like I expected and I had been very nervous because I hadn't had surgery for over 20 years. I recommend Dr Perkins very highly!

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