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I went to the atm at a CS on High Street a few days ago to check my balance... It read that I had 50 and some change in my account. I was surprised, but I thought maybe someone had put money in my account for some reason. I took out 20 dollars. The next day I was negative 20 bucks and one of the tellers told me to come in and deposit 20. So I came in two days later, deposited 55.00, just to find out that they had charged me an NSF fee of 30 bucks! They refused to help me or even listen to what I had to say. They acted like I was lying. This is not the first time that I have had trouble with this terrible bank! I HAD TO FILE TWO COMPLAINTS ABOUT UNAUTHORIZED ACTIVITY ON MY ACCOUNT. And the workers are not helpful, one of the ladies is very rude! Do not trust CS bank!‎

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