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I wish I would have read all these reviews before hiring this scammer. I had my son's 1st birthday party and was really excited about having a clown present. Jacob showed up; didn't introduce himself to the guests; sat down under the shade and started doing the balloon animals; his air pump broke and got so frustrated I had to give him the one I had at my house. Not at one time did he smile; motivate the children or even look friendly; he was dressed in a very unprofessional way. I paid him the $150.00 he charged just because I did not want to make a scene at my baby's party. He was hired to do balloon animals; magic tricks and face painting...the only magic trick he did was dissappear with my money. I called Curtis this morning and presented my complaint; he basically said he was sorry to hear my complaint and that he could either give me $20.00 for the next time I hired him (as if !) or he would send me a check for $10.00...I told him what he could do with his money and I am presenting a complaint to the Better Business Bureau. This company is a joke full of clowns (literally)!.

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