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Calls made to inquire about the status of service was met with lack of concern. These calls were made over a two week period and they provided absolutely no information on the status of the repair other than they were waiting on parts. The technician arrived after the scheduled window of arrival time and no calls were received to indicate that might be the case. Technician had to make calls to third party during diagnosis of problem leading me to believe that an inexperience technicain was sent to the job by himself. They informed me that it would take another week (making it over 3 weeks for an air condition repair during extremely hot weather). Only when I advised them that I was about to use another service, they decided to send someone sooner, making it 2&1/2 weeks waiting on the repair. I am surprised that many other reviews on this site are positive, which may make it appear that I might be a difficult customer. This is absolutley no the case. I beleive that discrimination of some sort may be the cause of the problems I experienced with this company, and hopefully I am worng.

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