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Don't waste your time looking into this place. The owner is the crudest, most unprofessional individual that I have had the displeasure of dealing with. We had to involve my credit card company because they were making unauthorized charges to our account. We also filed a grievance with the BBB (look up their record with the BBB). They were often out of ratio. One day when I stopped by on an unannounced visit, I found my 2 1/2 year old daughter wandering down the hallway unattended. The teacher had sent her down the hall by herself to find a bathroom since there wasn't one in the classroom. Don't even bother to bring anything to the attention of the owner or the director. They don't care about you or your children - they just want to rip you off. The owner also apparently went to the cites of other schools and posted negative reviews under different user names and would post glowing comments about his school. Hence, citysearch took down all of the previous reviews for Magellan. Do a little research on this school outside of a visit and then enroll them elsewhere.

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