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I am a professional photographer and it is hard to find a store that sells pro camera and lighting equipment on the island. That said, Kaimuki Camera is still NOT the best place to go. I'm a long time customer here but will provide the public with an honest review. I find the owners (the only ones who work there) impatient and unwilling to assist their customers. (They will size you up when you walk in the door, trust me). On one occassion the owner bent over the counter and told me a secret--they "can't waste their time helping ameteurs and non-regulars" I was told. (How's that for customer service?). Also keep in mind that they only go out of their way to place orders on lens, bodies, etc for "only our regulars" they said. (but what is everyone else, chopped liver?). Try it--go in and ask for help, assistance or information about any of the products. Neil, the owner, in particular won't give you the time of day. His wife is kinder but both will give you very limited information on an item and very poor service. IF YOU ARE NOT IMPORTANT TO THEM they will ignore you or at best not treat you with the same respect and equality they give to others. It's sad to say, but you may be better off ordering online. If you look at all the reviews on this site: half give one star, and half give five starts (mainly their friends and "regulars" (myself not included). Know who to believe. On the upside, their prices are similar to that of Amazon. They know this is their competition. (Kaimuki Camera also often closes the store without warning so do call before you go to make sure someone is there). If you need equipment right away you are limited to this, Lighthaus and Ritz Camea.

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