Night Shift

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Night Shift 1

The worst strip club!! Yes!! If you are looking for lap dances, then there is no place worst than this. I thought of going to it as I have seen many good reviews about it. But I think they have never been to any club like the ones in Seattle (yes I am from there). The club is in the creepiest place of Baltimore and the moment I entered, I was totally disappointed. It is very very tiny. The cover was only $10 and even parking was free, but you have to buy your first drink while entering itself. There is one bar if you want to drink more. If you want to bring your girl friend with you, want to get drunk and see girls stripping then this is the place for you. But there are only about 7 girls (on Friday evening!!!) and they are not that hot, they are just OK. Except for 1 or two who got the perfect figure, the rest are either out of shape or unattractive. Though they strip completely naked, they are dancing on 2 micro mini stages and there is not much scope for them to perform any cool steps. But I really liked the DJ and the music was really good.

But I felt like the girls there are really stupid. Why?? Because in those 2 hours I have been there only one girl asked me for lap dance. I waited and waited and waited exhaustively if any other girl would ask but no one did. I was even giving some hints to a girl, but she just came, took my dollar and just vanished. In every strip club I went until now, girls always came and asked me. But the girls here just chat and that too with only guys they like and completely ignore the rest. Yes, I am not cool and if I was, I would have enjoyed with my girl friend and I would not have come to spend my money in strip club. There are many pubs and bars to just chat, this is not the place for that. For me I go to strip club only for lap dances. If I want to see girls naked, I have the whole porn industry with me.

Any way, lap dances are for $30 and even while getting one, she was controlling me what to touch and what not. The place for lap dances is very congested and a staff person is just in front of me observing lap dancers there. if you are expecting any extra stuff then dont even think about this place. By the end of my visit, I was totally ignored, disappointed, exhausted and never got into mood.

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