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domestic violence is a silent life for some, for others it's a world of the only attention being given by another person. I currently live in a world that is truly been blessed with all the basic needs for my children, and myself. As a woman i feel the the responsibility of a man consist of more then a statement of being one. I feel myself entering a place where i have often felt sorry for a person that wasn't brought up like i was and by allowing them to see that there is still hope, this has caused me to endure name calling and mental abuse from my ex husband and ex boyfriend. I am at a place in my life where i am a young mans nightmare i am in a place for ACTION not word of mouth The YW taught me to look for the red flags, understand the red flags, and TAKE ACTION if need arises . I am very kind hearted , and many people take that for granted that is if i allow them to. Young ladies please take a stand and stand up for yourself let these people know what you are not going to take and don't back down because you love the person, guess what if the person loved you LOVE IS AS IT DOES ! and it doesn't hurt . Look at the examples of the men in your life that you consider men , or neighborhood men , church men or just plan old men that deserve the title of being called a man and let them be an example. Let your living and life be in the hands of GOD don't lose it by the hands of a person who CLAIMS they love you.

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