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I had previously had my child with dr. novoa, he never checked me at the appointments but the previous nurse practioner was very helpful. I decided to go back with my next pregnancy and it was horrible. The receptionist seemed as if she was in a bad mood and made you feel unwelcomed. Everytime I had an appointment it was never with the doctor and the nurses never seemed to knw my quesions. In the middle of my pregnancy I decided to change doctors but I was told it was too late, so I had to stay there. I was scheduled for a c-section and the nurse practitioner told me that the hospital of my choice was not available and that they had scheduled me somewhere else, which made me feel so mad because we had told them hundreds of times what hospital I wanted to deliver at. After the delivery of the baby my c-section started bleeding with the staples I had on. For some reason novoa did not take them off. I went to the clinic and the nurse emma tried to take off the staples and kept pulling on the last one where I was bleeding. She left me in the room for a long time and came back with an assistant and they kept looking at each other and she told me to go home and if I kept bleeding to go back. I went back the next day and my husband very mad asked if the doctor could see me they told him that he could not see me today but that another doctor was there. The other doctor saw my cut a little but did not even touch me there and told me to go to the wound clinic. I never did go and I will never go back to see this doctor again. I felt very sad, mad and disappointed.

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