Stewarts Ferry Apartments

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Stewarts Ferry Apartments 4

Other reviewer is an idiot. Amazing price for the area. Other apartment complexes were either more expensive and had less space (especially outdoor open space) or were not kept in as good condition. This is an older complex, not like the brand new ones in the area, but it is kept in great shape. Easy to put in a maintenance order and they always come very quickly, even when it's not a priority issue. The place is laid out nicely, right next to the greenway by stone's creek, so plenty of places to bike, walk, walk dog. A few open areas where I used to let my dog run free (they never had a problem with it, but please pick up after your dog! That is a somewhat legitimate criticism, but it's only a problem on the fields that people without dogs rarely walk on.)

So close to the airport, easy ride to downtown, good walking trails and parks, close to hospitals, plenty of food nearby. Can't do better for this price on this side of town.

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