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I only wish I read these reviews prior to hiring Father & Son of Newark NJ / New York to move into a 5 room apt - 3 of which are bedrooms. Everything you read in the prior posts happened to me too!! The job cost more than double then the price quoted, my furniture was held hostage,,,,I helped load and had 3 more people come to assist with the unload!! Sal / Sandy are very personable and give you the distinct impression they are stand-up, honest folks - this couldn't be further from the truth!!! Sandy arrived with her arm in a sling - stating her adult son knocked her down - for all I know this is part of the scam. Damage - lots and lots of damage from my grandmother's table, to my mother's secretary, my grill - to a lamp!! The only things that weren't damage were the things I packed myself!!! The movers didn't have tools and I was charged the 1 hr it took me to locate the tools they needed!!! I can't say this enough - avoid Father & Son!!! Check out this consumer affairs link if you have any doubt - consumeraffairs(dot_com)/movers/father_and_son.htm If you use this outlaw, I mean outfit --- don't say I didn't warn you!!!!

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