One Second Plumber

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This product uses pressurized gas to force the blockage to pass through the drain.


One Second Plumber 5

I plunged the sink, snaked it, and put Drano down it. My husband, seeing I was about to blow, plunged the sink, snaked it, took the trap off and stuck his fingers down the pipe (pulling out gawd knows how many years of soap scum, oily-i-dunno, snot and general ick). We decided our sink was finally "plumber clogged". 7 pm Friday night - not an emergency - "Can we come on Monday?" Great - first all weekend brushing my teeth at the kitchen sink, and then having to take a half day off to wait for a plumber to come charge me about $65+ to take care of it. Eeeha!

I found myself at Canadian Tire looking at the One Second Plumber. I figured it couldn't hurt. If it didn't work, we were already paying a plumber, so there was nothing to lose.

First booboo - guess who forgot to cover the overflow? hee hee >ahem< Covered the overflow. Pressed the cannister. Waited about 3 seconds before I hear the unmistakable and lovely sound of water flowing unimpeded down the drain.

$20 to have my sink unclogged about 24 times? Let's see 24 x $65 = That just saved me about $1,500!!!!!!!

And to the woman who said she the cannister "was out of air" It's not air, lady. Read the package. It's two gases - tetralotsofletters and dimethylmoreletters.

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