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Forever 21 was founded in 1984 in Los Angeles and now boasts about 150 retail locations.


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If I was able to give this store no stars, I would do it, this store should not even be in this country, I would. It was my girlfriend's birthday and I agreed to go to the mall with her for shopping. We had the unfortunate luck of going to this Forever 21 store because it was cheap there. It was very bad in there and I would not take her there ever again or reccommend it to anyone, even my worst enemy. The people who work there are very rude, mean, unprofessional, and disorganized. They have no manners whatsoever. There was gum stuck under the front counter and stuff all over the floors and people would walk on it and I also noticed that some garments had missing parts, torn, stained, discolored, missing price tags or defective in any way and how unprofessional and rude the employees were. It was so hard to find anything in such mess and no one would help us. And no matter how nice and kind we were, they did not extend, the same courtesy to us. They were rude to us. After 2 agonizing hours in the same store, she picked something and when she went to the register, the clerk did not greet us, nobody who worked in that store greeted us anyways. Before scanning the items I told my girlfriend the item was defective in Serbian and Russian, and I whispered in her ear the English translation of it. She said she changed her mind and left the item. The clerk said to me that because I told her to leave it I should pay for it. I said no and she began arguing with me. I cussed and insulted her in Serbian and Russian and my girfriend insulted at her in Korean. We finally left, after 2 agonizing hours we went to different stores where despite the fact that we paid more than what we would have paid at Forever 21, at least the other people at the other store were polite, kind and greeted us. And their items were of better quality. I can't believe that people like this can sell defective merchandise and scam customers and get away with it. It's not worth going there. I would NEVER return there ever again. The End. Final verdict: Forever 21 sucks. DO NOT GET RIPPED OFF. AVOID IT.

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nicoshu commented 196 days ago.
How about you have the guts to insult us in ENGLISH.

numbah16tdhaha commented 196 days ago.
How about you have the guts to make a rebuttal to a review from this calendar year...
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