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Forever 21 was founded in 1984 in Los Angeles and now boasts about 150 retail locations.


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Save your money on this JUNK they sell and go to bebe its by far a better store, the clothes are HOT and you will wear it much longer and you can see the difference.............DONT GO TO FOREVER 21.. I LOVE bebe If Forever 21 was confident in their products they wouldnt have a NO REFUND POLICY ? I can bet that nobody in the Forever 21 main office will wear their products ? There is much better quality out there... Are you really saving money if the crap is ripping apart before you get it home ?

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fashionista911 commented 344 days ago.
(Edited 343 days ago)
I am a fashion student and about to graduate in a couple months and I have personally met the senior art director of Forever 21 at a career fair and just fyi...she was dressed in Forever 21 merch from head to toe :-) o, and the reason they have a no refund policy is because idiots steal from the stores and then go back and try to return it to make money, om and i have NEVER had a problem with clothes falling apart, i still have clothes that I bought two or three yrs ago that are in good condition!! :-)
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