PUR DS-1800Z 2 Stage Water Dispenser

reviewed by soccermom11

PUR Water Dispenser, Stage 2 Filtering System That Fits On A Shelf In The Refrigerator.


PUR DS-1800Z 2 Stage Water Dispenser 3

We live next to the Great Salt Lake and our water comes from a well (and tastes awful). I purchased this dispenser trying to save money on bottled water, but had no luck. The water tastes exactly the same. My kids still won't drink it. However, it does fit well on the shelf in the fridge (as long as it's not on a shelf with a drawer underneath) & is easy for children to use if you put it low enough for them to reach. I have to fill it up at least once daily with only myself drinking the water so I do wish it were larger (or at least available in a larger size).

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