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This company uses the same material that NASA does for their memory foam. They say that they are the only company out there that is certified by NASA and many other companies for the quality of the mattress materials. They have many styles to choose from too. I can't do the bed justice so just visit the site and you will learn a lot more.


Tempurpedic Mattress 2

We bought our Tempur-pedic King size mattress in Reading MA from Jordan's. The staff and service at Jordan's has always been fantastic over the years when we purchased furniture and various items - this experience was no different. About a year and a half into the bed, both my wife and I developed back problems and realized it was due to a dip in the mattress.

We were able to get the mattress returned and exchanged and Jordan's customer service and treatment was excellent to us. Unfortunately we are still experiencing issues now with the new mattress set. Having another newly purchased latex bed (which we bought a few months after the Tempurpedic) in our guest bedroom we figured we should try sleeping on that -- sure enough we woke up feeling refreshed and well rested.

From our own experiences Tempur-pedic seems to either be having a quality issue or we just happened to get 2 bad beds in a row. Looking at results online there seem to be a lot of unhappy consumers who dont care for their beds. Ideally I would appreciate it if Tempurpedic can help by offering a way to remediate the problem - if not I will not be reconsidering a future purchase of their line up and will be looking tomorrow for competitor's offerings.

Frustrated client who paid $2300 for his Tempur-pedic and is looking for help to get his problem resolved from the manufacturer.

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