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Forever 21 was founded in 1984 in Los Angeles and now boasts about 150 retail locations.


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I worked at forever 21 Brea mall for over a year and it was a big mistake but also a learning experience. The managers talk to you and treat you like crap, you constantly stay way late to pick up, and you never get a second break or lunch if you do, when you complain to your manager about this you're told it's your fault for not asking for one. Since when is it not their responsibilty to issue breaks and lunches? The store owner that comes in never makes eye contact with her associates or smiles and then complains about the associates always looking unhappy. Store managers come up to you and say things like, "Sell 5 shirts in ten minutes." This is almost impossible and just causes stress and frustration to the employee. Gossiping is among associates, managers, and back stock workers. If you get sick with swine flu or such you are still responsible to get your shifts covered, and if not this results in a write up. And if you are sick on a Saturday and don’t have a doctor’s note (some of us don’t have health insurance) you receive a write up. You get a ten minute break whenever they allow it and sometimes it might be in the last hour of your shift. This is enough time to inhale your food and maybe pee. You might be told you can receive a transfer to the accessory store upstairs and so you wait around through the holidays because you were promised a transfer in Jan. Jan rolls around and so you ask about your transfer and your manager says no when they told you yes, you feel lied to and now feel you can’t trust your company. If other employees are talking about you and you are being sexual harassed because other girls are making comments to you implying that you are a slut, making unnecessary comments about your body parts, or are making you feel degraded, and you tell your manager nothing is done. You eventually feel pissed off every day and you come home mad and take it out on others. Take my advice and spare yourself the drama for the chump-change. I’m sorry to all the customers that experience bad customer service at Forever 21. Hopefully I gave you some insight. P.S. I quit and am much happier. [:

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LauraBravatti commented 563 days ago.
OMG. I just got hired there. however I totally get what you mean about the manager when I met her I got really bad vibes from her she seemed...i cant really say...but I didn't like her very much. Now i'm kind of nervous after reading this.
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