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Forever 21 was founded in 1984 in Los Angeles and now boasts about 150 retail locations.


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I used to love Forever 21 until I decided to purchase a pair of ankle boots online: $40 dollars with the shipping. They have a horrible system to ship stuff: FEDEX from their warehouse to the USPS located in the city where the package is being delivered, finally USPS to the shipping address given by the person who purchases it. Horrible! My package got lost, none of the post offices admitted any mistake and Forever 21 also never did anything to make me happy, since I never got my boots. They asked me 2 times to fill out a Claim form and both times they said they never got it. Horrible customer service. Now I buy from Amiclubwear, they don't have the best reputation either, but surely sell many nicer stuff and also work only with UPS (which I love), from their warehouse to the shipping address. The shipping might cost a little more, but it is safer. I have gotten now 4 different packages from them and haven't had any problem.

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aa121979 commented 582 days ago.
Were you able to get your refund? Until now, it's been 3 months refund yet...

Johana commented 578 days ago.
Just yesterday (2/19/2010) got my refund. Finally! Jesssus Christ!!
Thanks for asking!
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