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Forever 21 was founded in 1984 in Los Angeles and now boasts about 150 retail locations.


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I had my first (and it will be my last) shopping experience at Forever 21 in Northbrook, IL. I was there for an hour and not one store employee asked if we needed help. It was impossible to find what I needed because there was no organization of the merchandise, very messy looking. There were even clothes left all over the floor that no one bothered to pick up. My changing room had dried chewing gum and what appearing to be blood stains all over the wall, no joke! Before I walked out, I asked three sales girls and the manager if they could find a smaller size of a particular jean I liked. I noticed that the size I needed was on a display. They stated that it was against store policy to take the jeans down and sell them to me. I'm confused as to why Forever 21 displays jeans in the middle of the store that they will not sell to customers. After this extremely unpleasant shopping experience, I started reading online reviews of Forever 21 stores from across the country and I wonder how they are still in business with rude employees, merchandise that falls apart, a horrible return policy, fraudulent credit card charges, unactivated gift cards, copyright lawsuits, etc. My favorite review was about a girl who got terrible hives after wearing their clothing and she believes that the 100% Cotton tag was a lie. After reading these reviews, I am actually grateful that the Northbrook Forever 21 store manager refused to help me and take my money!!

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sababa027 commented 610 days ago.
I have worked there before and I couldn't agree more with you. I've looked up so many reviews on not just my location but others and I hear the same stories over and over with the same mess, same rude behavior from the employees. And it's not against store policy to sell an item on a mannequin to a customer, its against store policy to remove it during store hours. Items on a mannequins are taken off on Thursdays a held for those who requested it to be held to try on and purchase. I don't know why but thats what corporate enforces and employees don't like to be bothered and help half the time just because. I have also got hives from a seasonal shirt I was forced to wear or else I would have gotten written up for not wearing it. It was just really frustrating working there!!

fashionista911 commented 344 days ago.
i dont know how hi up you were at your store, and i have never personally worked there, but i am a fashion student and i know about how it works, but Forever 21 has an actual visual merchandising dep. unlike alot of junior stores in malls. in most junior stores in malls the management team can just change the mannequins and displays anytime and replace them with just about anything they want, but forever 21 has an actual visual merchandising dept that are supposed to follow specific requirements that the corporate visual merchandisers map out
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