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Here is my experience with Qwest.

I called them up after moving into my new apartment in Scottsdale. The lady on the phone was very nice and patient as we looked up my apartment in their system. It was very clear what I would be paying and she offered different marketing pitches to me to try and save money. Once we were done, she double checked all her info again to make sure she had it correct. The only negative thing about all of this is that it would take a week before someone could come out.

So while I waited for DSL/Phone to be installed I got several e-mails from Qwest with my user information on it, services I ordered, date to be installed etc etc. A day or two before the install date I got a phone call from a REAL person at Qwest! She wanted to again make sure they had all of their information correct AND make sure I understand my bill, what I can expect to see and how much everything will cost.

The day of the install came and I got a phone call from the tech telling me that he had the work order and the hookup will be completed by the end of the day. Fantastic, granted he didn't get to hooking it up until the very end of the day, but I suppose someone has to be last. Just like Qwest said on the day of my install, UPS came with a nice new modem for me. Once the Qwest guy was done, I had dialtone on my phones and my new DSL modem connected and I was back on the internet.

The next day, the same Qwest tech called me back and asked if there was any problems with the service, I told him everything was working great! The phone sounds crystal clear and my DSL is as fast as they promised.

Total monthly cost, 55 dollars a month. I'm a big techie so I wanted their advance modem and I was well aware that I would be paying 99 dollars for it. When I got my modem in the mail, I would have easily paid twice what Qwest charged me for it. I won't go on about the details but you can see the modem here http://www.actiontec.com/products/product.php?pid=2 04 it is slick.

I am very happy with my Qwest service.

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nlcatter commented 46 days ago.
you are a bloody idiot

LLord08 commented 46 days ago.
what a beautiful and well though out response nlcatter, you registered just to post that? :golfclap:

qwesty commented 10 days ago.
LLord08 Sounds like a qwest employee to me soemone in upper level management.These people will dupe their grandam,a for a buck,this review smells bogus from LLord08.

LLord08 commented 10 days ago.
another person comes out of the dark to register just to post such utter crap. I was actually employed by AT&T as a line tech but had to move far away and am still unemployed, I'd love to be working for Qwest because money is nice. IF any Qwest people are reading this, [email protected] and hire me please :)

So far been two months with the service, bill came and was exactly as I was told it would be. The service has dropped twice, once when it was first put in and the second happened after a major power outage was restored both less then 5mins. Phone quality is still crystal clear.

Negative, I wasn't told that the cost of my DSL was a 12month rate, assuming some interesting things could happen 10 months from now. Oh well it's been great and if I have to pay more in 10 months I'll worry about it then :)

qwesty commented 9 days ago.
Well llord08

You came out of a qwest, cwa broom closet,just to post what everyone in the 14 states area knows these people would burn jerry lewis out of his telethon money if they could.Believe me i used to work at that toom poob.They arent hiring any techs.And they arent paying the bilinguals,anything compared to what USWEST payed its employees before the methers took over.This is all my opinion.Of course.You might get hired on as a subcontractor maybe.COX cable has rockin cable internet.And they will work with you in these hard times way more than the call transfer dept at qwest.

qwesty commented 9 days ago.
In my opinion one of the most fruitful searches on the internet = QWEST sucks. Try it mindboggling.
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