Prominent Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates arrested at his Home in Cambridge, MA

From Wikipedia: "Harvard University Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct following an incident on July 16, 2009, when he had trouble ...
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Prominent Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates arrested at his Home in Cambridge, MA 1

What kind of fool, met on his own property by the police, responding to a third party call, would refuse to identify himself as the owner? I myself was just locked out of my house last week. No cops showed up, but if they had, I'd have been understanding (If not GRATEFUL). The idea that I'd have refused to identify myself and gotten abusive just shows extreme hubris on the part of "Professor" Gates. Is he, like ex-Representative Cynthia McKinney, assuming that everyone in the whole world immediately recognizes their decidedly non-famous faces on sight? Of course he is! It would serve Gates right to be the victim or a home invasion or burglary and the police refuse to respond, remembering their previous greeting.To be an uneducated career alcoholic and criminal like Rodney King and react like a fool when the police stop him is bad enough, for a Harvard Professor, it's beyond comprehension. If I were the administration of Harvard, he'd be under investigation pending firing. If I were Obama, I'd have kept my damn trap shut, and If I'd been the cops, there would be one more loudmouth, egotist in jail. Of course, that would be assuming a world where logic and not foolish racial games were the norm, not the one we live in.

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jess1127 commented 3 days ago.
I agree. Gates should have just said, "Whoa! I understand this looks suspicious but I am the owner." Followed by him showing his drivers license. The cops were doing their job, and Gates apparently just went off.

And the caller (assuming the news is truthful) did not mention race! So, if I were the cops, I would NEVER apologize, and the same goes for the woman who reported him. Gates was wrong. Period!
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