Prominent Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates arrested at his Home in Cambridge, MA

From Wikipedia: "Harvard University Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct following an incident on July 16, 2009, when he had trouble ...
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EschewObfuscat ion

Prominent Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates arrested at his Home in Cambridge, MA 2

Too many opinions and it's really not an important event except politically and specifically regarding the president's "stupid" comment. It turns out that the smartest man in the world, with the smartest support group around him, pulled a Joe Biden on this one. I always surmise that gaffes like this reveal one's true thinking.

Wasn't this the "post-racial" president? Has it been a good couple of days for race in America since he said this? Is there any question whose side he is likely to take in racial situations heretofore? (It's not a trick question)

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DoorGunner commented 3 days ago.
His Supreme Court nominee says it even louder than his gaffe. And notice how he brought Latinos into the discussion. His rainbow doesn't include white.

Wiseguy commented 3 days ago.
Ah...I didn't calibrate my comments correctly.

Ah...the teleprompter was broke.

Ah...I inherited my stupidity from Bush.

kjinvest commented 3 days ago.
Yep. A racist professor decides he needs a pity party and the President agrees - everyone is showing their true colors, so to speak.

EschewObfuscation commented 2 days ago.
When he used the word "calibrate, " as misemployed as it was, you can almost hear the pseudo-intellectual cheering section, known as the (very objective) press, wistfully sighing, "what a smart guy. What a great word. " Calibrating is usually performed with some tangible instrument of measurement, it's the first time I've heard of someone "calibrating" his words. George W. Bush would be likely to use the word in this inappropriate way, I'd have thought. He was the really dumb one, right?

Mc-D commented 2 days ago.
Definition 4?

Seems pretty clear. What am I missing?

fitman commented 2 days ago.
There you go again, Mc-D.

Trying to confuse us with facts is mean!

Mc-D commented 2 days ago.
I'm just trying to learn. EO and Jman are trying to teach me.

fitman commented 2 days ago.
"I see.", said the blind man.


fitman commented 2 days ago.
"But, on the other hand...

... she wore a velvet glove.
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