Prominent Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates arrested at his Home in Cambridge, MA

From Wikipedia: "Harvard University Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct following an incident on July 16, 2009, when he had trouble ...
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Prominent Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates arrested at his Home in Cambridge, MA 5

I think that Mr. Gates acted very calmly to the situation of officers who had no right to be on his PROPERTY!

DID they have a warrant to search for criminal activities going on at Mr. Gates' Residence, The answer is NO! So, the only logical reason that anyone can see is because he was a Black man living in a neighbourhood that racists would consider too good for a black person and that he had no right being there.

Question: Is it only whites suppose to be well educated and living in such a neighourhood without even being treated like a criminal?

I believed it was a very humiliating experience to be treated that way.

If it was me on the other hand, I would have reacted in a way that would have changed America. Those racist officers sent by their superiors would have been butchered for invasion of my PROPERTY without any Lawful reason.

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tkdaniel1 commented 2 days ago.
the president said we dont know what happened then he said the cops acted stupidly well now which one is it and if they had not responded then it woulda been well if a white guy had his house broken into the cops woulda responded theres no way to win and which one is the racist this gates talked about how white people are devils and a relative of his talking about how much they hated white people whos the real racist here?Anyone who hates based soley on color makes no sense noone picks their color or parents
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