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I have to agree with most reviews here. Centennial Wireless staff are the pits. Constant turnover of personnel and newbie staff on their own to fumble around. Make sure you take the time to read the fine print BEFORE you sign that contract. Shame on me!! I was told the contract was for 2 years by the salesperson - Contract was actually for 30 months. That contract also is NOT pro-rated in case you wish to cancel it. If you die at 29 months into the contract your estate will be billed $250.00. It's policy you see. In my case, 2 phones = $500.00 and I'm stuck till April 2010.

A great alternative to Centennial Wireless -

"CONSUMER CELLULAR" https://www.consumercellular.com

* Change your cell phone plan as often as you like with no fee or penalty
* Use Family Share mobile phone program to share your FREE minutes.
* Enjoy flexibility - there are no long-term contracts to sign.
* Enjoy a Risk Free experience.
* Customize your phone and check news, sports and weather.

Even though I'm stuck with Centennial Wireless till next April, I put their phones in the box and have signed up with CONSUMER CELLULAR. Here is my rate plan ...

Rate Plan Name: Anywhere 800
Monthly Access Fee, First Line: $40.00
Access Fee Per Additional Line: $10.00
Free Anytime Minutes: 800
Additional Time: $0.25
Long Distance: FREE

800 anytime, anywhere in the US minutes - no roaming fees - I can go "online" and change the plan at any time, or cancel the contract at any time with no fees attached. All this with 2 phones and $26.00 a month less than Centennial.

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