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Qwest is the worst company out there. I have had them for 4 years and never had a problem until last November. I called to get fiber optic internet and the stupid customer service rep signed us up and I told them I wanted to bundle our directv with it. That following Saturday I had an installer come to our house wanting to install Directv, which we have had for 6 years. I called Qwest that following monday and told them to not charge me for that. My December bill comes and they cancelled all my services and charged me a $200 cancellation fee. I called them and spent two hours on the phone with their dumb customer service (who by the way have NO clue what the hell they are doing) and they took all the charges away. Everything was fine until March, I got a bill for $330, the dumb rep that helped me in November added a phone line on for $114 a month and I never told them I wanted one. Once again I called them and spent 3 hours on the phone and they would not let me talk to a supervisor. The rep told me they would issue my credits and my next bill should correct. It was and then three weeks ago I got my bill for Qwest for $970 for two months of service. I called and the rep told me that it was Directv's fault and said I will get them on the line and then hung up on me. Directv then told me that their bill is correct it is Qwest. So I called back again and the girl on the phone told me that I was being mean and she could not handle talking to me. She sent me to another rep and I told her that I want to talk to a supervisor and she said I cant send you to one until you talk to me and I try to figure the problem out. Well low and behold she couldnt figure out why I had such a high bill. So I finally got transferred to a supervisor and she was as dumb as a box of rocks, I got so frustrated with her I hung up. I called back the next day and got to talk to a supervisor directly and she told me I dont know why your bill is so high, I cant explain and I wish I could make it go away. two and a half hours later she told me they were closed and she had to go and she would call me back tomorrow. She did and still had no answers. She told me I will have my supervisor look at it and I will call you tomorrow. No call, so two weeks later I call back and talk to another supervisor and he said that I have had 6 account numbers since November and the rep that I talked to in November no longer works there and neither does the guy that told me I would be getting my credits back in March. He gave me almost $650 in credits and said it should be right now--we will see. ALL of the scumbags that work there are LIARS! BEWARE they throw in hidden costs on their bills--it is probably to make up for what Nacchio stole!!

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TalkToQwest commented 155 days ago.
Hello MAMO0708, I can certainly understand your frustration. I would like you to know that we care and can help. If you could provide a contact number where we could call and discuss a resolution to these issues it would be welcomed? If you would, please email this information to [email protected], we will call. Hoping we hear back from you, Sincerely, Qwest Consumer Affairs Team...
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