Mt Zion True Grace Church Of Christ

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Mt Zion True Grace Church Of Christ 5

I enjoy coming to church!! That may seem strange, especially for my age. I am twelve years old and am one speaking on behalf of the Youth Department. Every Sunday, the young people have a good time giving God the praise and glory he deserves. Pastor King makes sure that the youth are not left out during the praise and worship time. We learn so much in Sunday School, and during the morning sermon. Every first Saturday of each month is the MBK & MSK Program, (My Brother's Keeper/ My Sister's Keeper). Every first Sunday of each month is our Youth Department Day. In the summer, we go on trips, we have picnics, and Vacation Bible School. I love how Pastor King keeps us on our toes with Bible Trivia. It's fun and it encourages me to study God's word more!

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