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Qwest is the worst consumer company I've ever worked with; I've been with them for 32 years...they're fine until an event happens, then it snowballs out of control.

I'm a national disaster responder and leave home for about 3 months when the hurricanes hit down south. Unfortunately for me, I forgot to forward my calls when I left home in September of 2008 and my problems snowballed from then on. (I'm still trying to get resolution on things since then, let me see, if my math is correct, it's been just a little over 6 months now.)

When I contacted Qwest about Septmeber 3, I asked them to put me on remote call forwarding so I could forward my calls to my cell phone from where I was at the time. The person who was helping me told me there was no such thing. Well, since I've done this in the past, I knew it could be done. I informed them this is a service they have and they said they did not. After becoming irate with them, I hung up and called back. The next person told me there was no such thing.

Here I am, out in the middle of disaster territory working about 16 hours a day and I run into this garbage from the Qwest completely untrained customer service reps. I called back again, and you can imagine how irate I was at that time, using my cell phone minutes with these complete moron idiots at Qwest. I guess I raised my voice loudly enough so the people at the Qwest home office could hear me because I finally was able to get through to some idiot after arguing with them and telling them this is a service they have. They finally put me on hold and spoke to someone at their office who told them that indeed they do have remote call forwarding...DUH

I then had a brain storm: if I'm not home for 3 months, why not have them put my phone service into vacation status so I'm not paying $115 per month for just about nothing. Well, you know, they wee unaware of that service even though I was told about a year previous this is what I should do when I leave home for extended periods of time. When I returned home, I talked to someone at Qwest and they told me of course I could have done that. Do you think they gave me a refund or credit? LOL.

So I get home around November 24, the day before Thanksgiving anyway. I go to use my landline phone and find no dial tone. Well good!!! They put my phone into vacation status after all! When I called them to take my phone out of vacation status on December 1, they informed me my bill was past due so they suspended my services. Well, how about that! I've been with them for 32 years, my bill is 15 days past due and I'm cut off, they don't even have the common decency to give me a courtesy call. Did they give me a credit for the time my phone service was suspended? LOL

I paid the bill on the spot. They told me my internet service would be restored December 2. Well, that didn't happen on December 2 so I called them and told them I was supposed to have internet service. They said "oh no, you won't have service until Thursday December 4th". Well Thursday rolls around and no internet service. I called them. Oh I see, you're supposed to have internet service today and it's not going to be until tomorrow. Friday, December 5, no internet service. I didn't have service until Monday, December 8th, it took them exactly 8 days to get my service up and running. Do you think they gave me credit for the time I didn't have service? LOL

Now, for the times I didn't have phone service, when they suspended my service and I didn't have service, do you think they would credit me for the time I didn't have service? NO, I get a full bill the next month.

So, I called and complained about all this on December 8th...the rep told me they would give me 50% of on my bills for the next 4 months... it's 3 months later I'm still waiting for this to happen. I called last month and spoke to someone who I thought listened to me and would take care of the situation. He told me my entire bill would be $30-$40 next month. Guess what my bill is? $115... LOL, they did it to me again and I believed they would honor what they said...LOL

Last week, last Monday, I called to complain about this (oh yes, I didn't pay my bill for $115 because it was supposed to be $30-$40). Of course, they suspended my service once again. When I called, they guy told me there's nothing on my account that said my bill would be $30-$40. I told them to look at my account, I told them the guy I spoke to last month said he would document the dollar amount he quoted me. He was flat out lying 1) he didn't document what he said and 2) He lied about the amount of my phone bill. And I should be surprised? This company is a bunch of crooks, I can't believe they're getting away with this stuff.

There have been several other communications with this company since September 3, 2008 but I don't remember all of them right now, I've hit on some of the highlights, though, you get the idea.

I will be gathering all the dates and conversations I've had with them since December 3, 2008 and I will be reporting them to the FCC.

As consumers we are being lied to and taken advantage of and being cheated out of our had earned money. Realize this, the services they provide are automatic to much of their income is pure profit.

If you don't make any changes on your account, they'll just overcharge you for your services. If you have a slight hiccup in your service or make any changes, Look out, they don't know what they're doing and they don't care, but the consumer pays for their incompetence. Most consumers are unaware of the incompetence of Qwest employees and the outright lies they tell.

Again, I will be reporting them to the FCC, this post is the beginning of my complaint to the FCC; I will refine this, compile the dates and off it goes. Maybe by getting the FCC involved, it will help some of the consumers who are having the same kinds of situations.

If you're reading this, don't stop with this post, please report this company to the FCC. We as consumers cannot tolerate this.

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TalkToQwest commented 254 days ago.
Hi, my name is Steph, I work for Qwest. This seems like it's been a very bad experience for you. I would be happy to help you get things resolved. If you would like my assistance please email me at [email protected] and put "Steph" in the subject line. Please include your billing number and any pertinent info that you didn't already post here, and I will get working on your situation. thank you

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