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Qwest 1

Qwest should only get -10 for how bad they suck, especially when you don't' have another choice.

I have been looking for another phone provide for 6 years and have just found one. GOOD BYE QWEST YOU LYING RIP-OFF POS COMPANY!

I call in to see why my DSL was running at 86 kb when I was paying for 1.5 meg , and all I get is the same old runaround "your line is bad.. your modem is bad...you need to up date your firm where...".
I dealt with Qwest for six years, over these last six years they have lied to me scammed me and been a thorn in my side. They couldn't get it fixed so I did, I changed providers. Problem solved!
Qwest sucks!

I just hope they are telling me the truth about my account being canceled tomorrow 12/20/'08 because I can't wait to be rid of them, and that time can't come soon enough!

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Nox587 commented 290 days ago.
Have to say I can relate to you as I had the 3Meg service and was getting roughly the same speed as you. I really think that they just tell you that your getting a speed and give you the slowest crap connection they can get away with. Glad to see you found another company to go with.
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