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12/15/2008 1

I have been pursuing a new career path about a year ago. Have posted for SEVERAL jobs on and have yet to receive contact from ANYBODY! As somebody who is very qualified for most of these jobs, I find it kind of insulting...what a waste of time.

There is a feature where you can check on the progress of your application. Out of probably 15 applies in the last year, only two (2) have even been viewed...the rest have remained in 'received' status. I mean honestly, do they just collect resumes and applications and NEVER even look at them? Why would companies waste their time posting jobs on if they don't even look at candidates?

Most people tell me that going to is a waste of time. I'd believe it, except I did get a great job about 10 years ago through I would say it's gone 100% downhill since then. Wow.

Do not waste your time.

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