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Obviously all the people out here who voted less than a 5 (mainly you 1 or 2 star voters I am referring to) have no idea what music is. You sit here and mock 3 great guys with a lot of heart and talent. You all probably sit back and smoke your weed as well as do other drugs and listen to that punk rock emo style music that only corrupts and rots your minds. You have no idea what these guys have been through and how hard they worked to get where they are at. If you had half a clue then you probably wouldn'tbe sitting here talking all this trash that you are talking. They got to where they are at because the fans love them. People recognize their music and how much inspiration is behind each of the songs. They promote great tasting music without swear words. They touch the inner soul of many many people. If you also look, they are one of the few that continue their tours each year. They are at least 3 years in a row on tour spending time away from their loving families just to entertain their fans and give the fans what they pay for. They offer a lot to the communities such as the recent playground they helped actually build in a special community. They are not really even about the money like all these other bands are. They donate thousands and thousands of dollars to such charities. One particular one they continue to donate and support is the Vanderbuilt foundation. Vanderbuilt is a children's focused hospital in Tennessee. They spend time with the children and try and make many dreams come true. You name it they have done it probably. They are one of the few who offer their fans meet and greets trying to make every fans dreams of at least meeting them once come true. If any of you had children or have children that talk trash about them... then imagine your children in the Vanderbuilt because of some medical issue that has costed you hundreds if not thousands of dollars to try and cure or maintain. Imagine that for just one moment of your puny sad excuse for a life. Who has supported the chase for cures and treatments for such children? That is right folks... RASCAL FLATTS did and still does. You people who trash them make me sad that god has wasted his time giving you a shred of flesh and life to live in this world. He should have saved your flesh and soul for someone who deserves it and actually cares in this world. Regardless, I will pray that one day you people will pull your heads out of your rear and realize how precious life is, how rare people like Rascal Flatts are to find in this world, and also realize what good music is when you see it. Gary is an awesome singer and I am for sure he is much better than any of you worthless punks, Joe Don, Jay, and the rest of the Rascal Flatts band as well as of course Gary deserve credit for everything they do and I must give a shout out to the guys and say: "Keep up the great work guys. You have earned everything you have accomplished and succeeded with in life. You guys have great music, much talent, and great hearts. I commend you on your jobs well done and everything you have given the communities all around. Thank you for being an inspiration and continuing to honor us with your beautiful music." To the people who again voted low and talked trash... GET A LIFE!!!!

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twansalem commented 262 days ago.
I don't listen to punk rock. I don't smoke weed or use other drugs. I listen to country music, and I don't like Rascal Flatts because they just aren't country, and their lead singer has a high whiny voice. I don't like Rascal Flatts because they are nothing but an overaged boyband trying to play country music. There are still great country acts out there, such as George Strait, Alan Jackson, and Brooks & Dunn, but they are slowly being run out of the business by no talent hacks like Rascal Flatts. Where's the fiddle and the steel guitar? Also, Rascal Flatts may do all kinds of charitable work, and that's great, but this list isn't about rating how good of people they are, it's about how good of a country act they are, and at that they are terrible.
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