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Yoko Ono 2

Here's the assumption I have to make. There are people I have met who have an incredible presence, but who otherwise seem quite unimpressive. I suspect that Yoko must have been much more impressive in person. Otherwise, John must have taken way more drugs than we thought.

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Ridgewalker commented 843 days ago.
The first time I can remember seeing Yoko was in an "art film" back in the early 70s. She was riding naked on a polka dot horse and...yes...we were stoned out of our minds...We HAD to be...

fitman commented 843 days ago.
We first saw Yoko perform at the Cafe Au Go Go on Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village ca. 1965. Her 'act' consisted of walking around the room blindfolded and not bumping into anything. Samantha and I were not impressed.
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