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It is an outrage to me that a company of this magnitude of ineptness can possibly survive. I have no doubts that everything you read here is absolutely true. I live in an area of Colorado where the only way for me to get internet access is to be a qworst slave unless I want to buy an expensive satellite. After some retard decided to disband my bundle package at qwerst without my knowledge I began my own personal descent into a hell I still haven't gotten out of. There is enough elsewhere in these reviews that I don't feel the need to go into the gory details but I will say that for approx. 30 days I was on the phone EVERY SINGLE DAY with one incompetent moron after another. I got so incredibly sick that I removed ALL services except my isp and I  swear to you that I was sent to the "Destroy this account until he quits trying to leave department". From having my address changed, my services cancelled, techs showing up at my house without appointments and calling me at work, qworst refusing to send a tech when needed, rude, insulting rectal ports who REFUSE to help you or accept responsibility, every csr I called blamed the problems on the csr I last spoke to, outrageous charges and fees that are NEVER mentioned. THESE PEOPLE ARE SIMPLY CRIMINALS WHO BEHAVE WITH IMPUNITY BECAUSE THEY FEEL THEIR CLIENTS ARE POWERLESS TO DEFEND THEMSELVES!!! I have never in 40 years of being alive been forced to deal with such a pathetic, grotesque, abomination that passes as a company. I am moving from a beautiful mountain home ONLY because I refuse to send these pathetic scum any more of my money. If you are looking for a provider PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do yourself a favor and go with ANYONE....I mean ANYONE, a guy on the street selling ISP's out of his trenchcoat, an unwanted cell phone offer from a Nigerian Diamond Heiress... a dented '78 Dodge van with a tear drop window with "free cable" spray painted on the side but please don't support this horrible horrible company with your money. I swear you will be sorry if you do with out a daoubt. I have discovered that I am even SAVING money but NOT BUNDLING. BUNDLING......bundle of Bull feces is what is is. If I ever hear of a rally or a protest to be held outside of a Qworst building I will be there and be the loudest one. By the way your ugly ass blue sign ruined the Denver skyline. I am just beginning to see what , if anything can be done to bring wider attention to the poor quality of service this over inflated tyrant of a company gets away with. Even if it is just a petition of signatures stating that we are sick of it!! Interested??? Contact me at [email protected].

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Casey8516 commented 439 days ago.
I completely agree, business managed with this lack of ethics should be eliminated, and I can't understand how they are still profiting from their abuse of the market.
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