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My husband desperatly wanted to get satelite, so we switched to Star Choice from Rogers digital cable. It didnt matter to me other than the cost. Star Choice seemed to be cheaper than what we were spending on the digital cable, which was about $80 Cnd each month. So we thought, from what the salesman said, Star Choice would only be $35 a month. So we thought great and went ahead. We got a good deal on it from that months promotion as well. We needed to upgrade to a package where we had more channels, so needles to say we ended up spending the same on the satelite as we were on the digital cable. Which was fine, we still thought it was a deal considering we were getting "Satelite". Star Choice promotes having approx. 2 hours of "down time" each year. Well, we were with them for 3 months and had about 3 -4 weeks of down time. Every time it rained, snowed, was even a little windy...any weather other than the perfect weather, the satelite was down and even for a few days after that. We had numerous amounts of technicans come out. The sales staff were never very helpful at all either. What made the final decision for us to go back to Rogers Cable was when just a few days ago our satelite was down from Wednesday evening (when it was a little windy) and on the Friday it still hadnt come back on, my husband called and they said they would put us on a priority call which wouldnt be untill Feb.1 2006. So that would be 6 days without any service. Also, the last time we called and complained the person we were speaking to said they would put some credits on our account, which he never even did. My husband asked for more credits to be on the account since we were going to again be 6 days wihtout any service and they refused. But I thought, why is it taking so long for a tech. to come out? Maybe too many people have problems with Star Choice, so they are simply backed up with calls. WE decided to go back to Rogers and skip the digital cable altogether and save some money. So today we are back with Rogers. When I had originally called to cancel with Rogers to make the switch, they offered me a great package to stay with them. When we canceled with Star Choice, they made no attmept to keep us as a customer! My husband even thinks that the picture is more clear with have analog tv with Rogers than the satelit with Star Choice!!! I suggest saving your money and the headache and do not join to Star Choice!

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