Lindsay Lohan

Born in 1986, Lindsay Lohan has appeared in such films as "Freaky Friday" and "Mean Girls."


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I just watched "georgia rules" while waiting for our window installers to complete the work on our house. In other words, I was stuck in the house and absolutely nothing was on TV. I know this gal's story from People Magazine and the internet, but I never knew she couldn't act. I thought acting was her career. Maybe by comparison to the veterans in the movie she looked worse, but hopefully she learned something from Jane Fonda and even Felicity Huffman. I can act better than Lindsay did in this movie. I liked the movie's story, and think it would have been much better with a real actress in her part.

I know that People and the internet are not exactly the best sources for news, but all that I know about this girl is that she was a little cutie as a young actress, and she's gone to the opposite extreme as an adult. Too bad. Meg Ryan vs Sharon Stone? People love Meg Ryan, even if she's not been doing much lately. Neither has Sharon Stone, but does anyone hold her in high regard? This is the path that Lindsay Lohan seems to be following, if she stays alive. Her lifestyle seems to be threatening her future.

Hopefully, she comes to her senses before it's too late. And this is coming from a 52 year old! Yes, people over 20 do know who Lindsay Lohan is. We can read, surf the net, watch TV, go to movies, have a life!


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