India Cafe

reviewed by twansalem

Indian restaurant on Washington St. They have a buffet for lunch, and a full dinner menu in the evening.


India Cafe 3

I've never been there for dinner, but their lunch buffet is great. The tandoori chicken is awesome. The buffet used to be a great deal, before they raised their prices and stopped offering a student discount, it was all you could eat for under $6.00. Now it costs about $7.50, which still isn't too bad.

UPDATE: I'm dropping off a star, because the prices just keep going up (lunch buffet is now over $8.00), and I can now make much better tandoori chicken myself, even if it is time intensive.

UPDATE #2: I'm dropping off yet another star. Their service and quality have slipped, but their prices haven't ($8.95 for the lunch buffet). Usually you have a pitcher of water at your table the second you are seated. Today, I didn't get my water until I was almost finished eating. For someone without my heat tolerance this could be a major issue. The food just wasn't as good either. Their vegetable curry usually has a pretty good assortment of vegetables, but today it was very lacking. It was almost just sauce with a few peas and a trace of cauliflower. It also contained a few chunks of what I could only guess was some variant of tofu. They also had an okra and potato dish on the buffet today that is usually excellent. Today it just wasn't very good, and it was quite greasy. Also, one of their dessert items is an Indian version of cheesecake, which is usually quite good. It is normally a rather dry dessert, but today it was so dry that it seemed like it was freeze dried. After looking at what I just wrote, I almost feel like I should give it two stars, but honestly I'll probably go back, as I've always liked it in the past, and their tandoori chicken was still good. Three stars for now, as maybe it was just a bad day.

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