World Cleaners Two

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World Cleaners Two 1

Worst cleaner I've been to in a long time. They claim that they do not get stains out of the shirt unless the stain is on the inside of the collar or inside of the cuffs. Stains anywhere else is going to cost you $3.95 (as of december '07). The lady who is always working there doesn't speak english, nor is she very friendly.  Oh, and if that's not enough they have a credit card minimum of $10!  This isn't even allowed by the credit card companies at all!

I took some shirts there and got them back with stains in them. Now that they have been washed, they are probably set for the life of the shirt, and they refuse to do anything about it. I have never heard of a cleaner charging extra to get stains out.

Thanks for ruining my shirts World Cleaners 2.

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