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07/21/2009 4

I used to feel like Monster was the crappier of the job search engines. Scattered, and lots of "work from home, make $5,000 a week" ads, lots of insurance jobs, financial advisor...all stuff with no base. However I filled resumes for sales so keep that in mind. With specialized fields, recruiters do use monster, hotjobs, careerbuilder, dice...they use everything, so it doesn't hurt to post resumes on each site. I speak from experience when i say that for a typical sales rep job, if it's a decent one employers will get between 75-500 applicants. So if you're in that ball game, or something general like accounting or HR, instead of applying to all those job ads you are much better off simply posting your resume on all the sites and waiting for folks to call you - while focusing your efforts on networking and researching companies you'd like to work for. When posting your resume, remember recruiter searches are based on two things: relevancy and date. So if you're a sales guy flood your resume with words like sales, sales rep, account manager. And re-post your resume once or twice a week- actually go in there and delete your old one and re-upload so that your resume remains newly posted. Takes two minutes but recruiters generally only look at what's on the top of the list, and unless you're a nuclear physist you are going to be one of a thousand resumes.

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